How To Make A Profound Change In Your Life – Reality Feedback Loop

In this post I will show you how to make a profound change in your life with two simple techniques. I will also show you the reality feedback loop.

If you haven’t watched the life is a mirror video you want to do that before you watch this one. Trust me you will understand this way better.

Everything that is going on internally is reflecting outwards. In other words, your life, everything you experience externally is just a reflection, a mirror image of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and perspective. 

What you think about and how you feel about life is constantly being reflected in your life. If you have a pleasant rich and abundant life, then great news your state of being is great. 

However if you don’t like your life, it means you need to clean up the mess that lies within you. 

Watch the video above to understand the reality feedback loop and how you can start controlling your life by controlling this feedback loop.

Here are two ways that you can control this feedback loop.

  1. Stop being attached to the reflection. Focus your energy on changing the image. Intersect this loop at the belief stage. This will make change the reflection and then start a positive feedback loop.
  2. Create a phrase for your life and affirm it multiple times a day. You can use phrases like “my world takes care of me” or “My world always looks after me” or “everything is unfolding the way it should.” I recommend using all three. These phrases will generally start shaping your reality in a positive way.
June 7, 2018

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