Money Consciousness & Abundance Mindset

In this video I will show you how to build a money consciousness and an abundance mindset by fixing your beliefs around money.

Your thoughts and actions are affirmations of what you believe to be true.

How do you treat money? And how do you act around the subject of money? Are you always trying to save on little things?

Are you always trying to find coupons for everything and asking for discounts wherever you go? Do you only shop when there are sales and do you only eat the cheapest items on the menus in whichever restaurant you go to? 

Well those type of actions are all affirming your lack of money. 

How can you affirm your belief about one thing and expect a different outcome? 

This is the way life works. The belief and action always have to come before the result. 

People always say that if I was skinnier I’d exercise a lot more. Or if I had a good amount of money I’d manage it better. Or if my business was bigger I’d be more disciplined in my work ethic.

But those things will never happen. Because your actions and beliefs have to change BEFORE the result.

How can you expect to be healthy if you don’t eat well and exercise? How do you expect to be rich if you can’t even properly handle small amounts of money? How can you have a large company if you can’t even run a small business? 

Same goes with money. You beliefs and actions around money have to change. 

You cant wish for all the good things in life and then think about only lack and limitation and expect to get those good things. 

You can’t wish for riches and then go out everywhere and ask for discounts and coupons. Those actions only affirm your lack of money.

You might be going through a hard time and have to use those things, but there’s a difference in frugality and being cheap. 

Frugality means saving money when you know you need to get by. Being cheap means having the funds yet you still act like a person who has no money.

Here are two things you can do to create a money consciousness.

1: Use money and abundance affirmations.

You can download my affirmations list from the description box below. But make sure that your actions are also in line with those affirmations. 

2: Stop shopping with coupons and only when there’s discounts.

There’s nothing wrong with shopping on deals but don’t make it a point to only shop during those times.

3: When you see money, pick it up and thank the universe.

You might think this is silly and cheap but it’s actually not. It’s an abundance exercise.

Now don’t go specifically looking for penny’s on the street but when you find money laying on the floor, pick it up and thank the universe and consider it a sign that money is flowing into your life. You can just put the money in a jar at home if you’d like.

4: Stop shopping at thrift stores and dollar stores.

Stop buying cheap things. If you are in tough times and it’s a need then by all means go ahead, but do not do it unless it is absolutely necessary.

5: Stop watching the news.

It might not have anything to do about money but it conditions your mind negatively. It is the opposite of abundance energy. 

Lastly, realize that what is going on in the world doesn’t have to go on in your world.

You create your own layer of reality. And whatever you pay attention to and invite in the layer of your world is what you will experience.

Negative energy from others invites negative energy into your layer. So choose wisely what you give your attention to.


June 9, 2018

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