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In this post I will show you the difference between Inner intention vs. outer intention.

Intention is the force that influences all action and initiates all change in the universe. 

There are two types of intention.

Inner intention is you trying to force a change in the rigid world around you.

It is you trying to change the world around you through the power of your personal will. Inner intention requires a lot of hard action, energy, and effort to execute and often does not produce the result that is intended.

It uses the limited resources that the physical world provides so it is limited in power.

Outer intention on the other hand is a universal force that we don’t have direct control over.

It makes the world around us conform to our needs and desires. Outer intention makes your world meet you half way. It is a subtle force that makes the world coordinate all events, people, things, and situations in your world in a way that will allow you to achieve what you intend to achieve.

Outer intention has unlimited power and has infinite possibilities because it uses the unlimited resources of the alternatives space. It is the reason for all coincidences and miracles that we experience in life.

So to give you an example of inner intention vs. outer intention

A couple of months ago I was stuck in my business. I had created a lot of content and courses and what not and I had set up the whole infrastructure but I didn’t know what the next step was. 

I kept trying to take more and more action but nothing was really happening and nothing was clicking. I still didn’t know what the next step was. Then I completely let go of my intention to force the change and force my transition into the next phase.

I released my grip of control, reduced the importance I was giving to my desire and within a few days, I got my answer. I started moving forward.

A couple of people started emailing me asking me for coaching. And at first I didn’t want to do coaching but then it clicked to me that that is the next phase of my journey.

See as soon as I let go of the grip and stopped trying to influence my world through inner intention, the world automatically conformed to my needs and showed me the next step.

So as you see, outer intention will work for you in mysterious ways and will only come into play when you let go of that firm grip of control.

It requires a lot of trust in the universe and conscious awareness to let it guide you.

It is a powerful force that will open up the path of least resistance to you and it is much more powerful than inner intention. 

Now whenever I feel frustrated or impatient I try to catch myself in that state ASAP and let it all go. 

Here’s another example of inner intention vs. outer intention

A lot of the people you know of have created success in their lives through a lot of hard work and effort. These people use inner intention.

Then there are many people you know of to whom everything comes easy and effortlessly. These people use outer intention. They might completely be unaware of it, but that is how they get everything they want.

So how do you get outer intention to work for you?

You must achieve unity of heart and mind. Check out the video I made on that here.

Outer intention is activated when you work with nature and not against it.

Outer intention is activated by being vibrationally aligned with the world around you. It means remaining in a state of balance and not giving excess meaning or importance to anything.

Life is a mirror where your internal reality is the real image and your external reality is simply the reflection of that image. Outer intention is activated when you aren’t emotionally attached to the reflection. 

Outer intention is activated when you focus on the end goal knowing that you will inevitably achieve it as you continue to work towards it with intent. Outer intention is activated when you know.

You don’t hope or dream, you know.

Lastly, the things that block outer intention are negative emotions like fear, guilt, anxiety, jealousy, envy, contempt, hatred etc.

These emotions create an energetic imbalance in the universe and are a clear sign that you are too attached to the reflection.

These emotions are the result of too much importance being given to something in your life. If you are experiencing these emotions, reduce the importance you are giving to your desire so that you can come back into balance.


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