Desire Is USELESS In Manifestation

In this post I will show you how desire is useless in manifestation past its initial stage.

Desire doesn’t do anything other than signal to us what we want and how much we want it.

Desire does not produce any action or result and it is the most important factor in the process of manifestation past the stage of identifying what you want.

Intention is what produces all action in the universe.

Desire focuses all your energies on the end goal. It creates no change.

Intention focuses on the act of moving towards the goal. It creates change and momentum.

For example I want to lift up my arm. I have a strong desire to lift up my arm but nothing happens. But when that desire turns into intention, action is initiated and the arm lifts automatically.

Take for example a person who is paralyzed. They still have a strong desire to move their legs. But they cannot because they have lost the power of intention in their legs. 

When you think about your desire constantly you create excess potential energy in the universe which causes an energetic imbalance. Because of this imbalance you actually push yourself further and further away from what you want.

Also when you obsess over your desire and always think about it, you also keep reminding yourself of that fact that you don’t currently have it.

When you do this you are creating a further vibrational distance between yourself and what you want because you are actually focusing on the lack.

Instead of obsessing over it you have to turn that desire into intention right away.

So here are your two options when you are facing a desire:

1. Put it into action right away.

Move towards it with the intent to have it. Do anything that puts that desire into action because then it becomes real and you create momentum.

2. Stop thinking about it and go do something else.

Because if you keep thinking about it you will only work against yourself. 

Now that you know you have to work with intention not desire, did you know that there are two types of intention? Watch this video to learn about that.


June 17, 2018

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William - June 20, 2018

Hello Sunny – great work describing Reality Transurfing

Seen many of your videos – all excellent and much appreciated

One question – and perhaps a future video post idea

Action – what are considered “next steps” once you have visualized and intended your Reality? Hold your vision as you go about your day and the “helping hands” of the universe will guide you?

This idea of next steps rarely seems discussed in this genre

I would greatly appreciate your feedback

Keep up the great work

    Sunny from Personal Mastery Quest - June 21, 2018

    Hi William thanks for the kind words! Can you clarify a bit more? What steps you should take to move towards your goal?

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