How To Attract Better People Into Your Life

In this blog post I will show you how to attract better people into your life.

Everyone in your life is a reflection of your own consciousness.

They reflect back to you your relationship with yourself and the relationship you have with the world around you. To fully grasp this idea you must realize that there is a connectedness between al of us.

We all operate individually with separate minds but beneath all of that individuality, there is a common mind which is the universal mind.

And it is through this connection with the universal mind that we are all connected.

So because we all stem from the same one source, there is a part of us in each other.

And whoever is currently a part of your life is a part of you and through them you can learn a lot about yourself and you can accelerate your growth.

I know it all seems random how people come into our lives and leave our lives but there is much more to this process than we can intellectually comprehend.

People do not come into your life by chance.

They are naturally attracted to you through the thoughts that you think, the emotions that you feel, and the energy that you radiate.

To emphasize the main point: They are a reflection of your consciousness.

Meaning, the people in your life and how they act and how they treat you is a reflection of your own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about yourself and your world.

To give you an example, if you are a person who is extremely self critical and always criticize yourself then you will continue to have people in your life who also criticize you and treat you poorly.

If you only focus on your flaws and consider yourself less worthy than other people, then the people in your life will also focus heavily on your flaws and won’t take you seriously.

If you have extreme feelings of guilt you will continue to attract people in your life who will manipulate you and punish you.

The list goes on but you get the point. 

The qualities you hate most in other people and feel strongly towards are just a reflection of your relationship to yourself and your relationship to the world around you.

And what is worse is that when you continue to feel negative emotions towards other people and how they act, you will continue to see more and more of that behavior in them and attract more people to your life who will act the same way.

The main point of this video that I am trying to really convey is that:

It all starts with YOU.

What you see and experience all begins with you. It begins with your relationship to yourself and with the world around you.

You are constantly attracting and letting people go from your life because of this one simple reason. 

Because as you grow and as your views change about yourself and your world, you let go of certain people who are no longer a part of your new word and self view.

At the same time you will attract new people into your life who are a reflection of your new world view and who will now help you expand and grow further and will challenge you in different ways.

Everyone in your life is there to help you learn something about yourself and to help you grow and expand.

So then knowing this how do you attract better people into your life? Well it all starts with you. It all starts with self love. 

When you start to love your self and when you start to build a positive relationship with yourself, you will start attracting people who will reflect back to you, your relationship to yourself.

If you start to think and believe that you are attractive and good looking, people will start resonating with your beauty and treat you the same way.

If you believe you are worthy and confident, people will start treating you with respect and admiration.

If you believe you are smart and capable, people will start taking your opinion seriously.

If you focus heavily on your best qualities and ignore your bad qualities, then others will do the same thing.

It all starts with you how treat yourself. 

So now knowing this, ask yourself. What is your current relationship to yourself. And then start noticing patterns. How do other people treat you? You will notice that those two things are connected.

And all you have to do in order to get treated better by the people who are currently in your life and to attract better people, is look inward and heal your relationship to yourself.

I’ll warn you that this isn’t something that works instantly but you can get fairly fast results.

It all depends on how fast you can heal your relationship with yourself. So starting today, focus on your best qualities. Love and embrace your individuality and be confident.

Tell yourself that you are worthy of success and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Start reprogramming your mind and soon your beliefs will start to change.

When that happens, you will see it reflected outward in how others treat you.


June 19, 2018

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Cece - June 21, 2018

So in relationships, I seem to have several times attracted partners that end up cheating.. however I’ve never done that to anyone else.. how do I connect the “reflection of myself” in that person. Is it more of what KIND of person cheats? A person with low self esteem, etc.. or is there something else ?

    Sunny from Personal Mastery Quest - June 21, 2018

    Try to connect their behavior with your own traits. Typically the people who have a difficult time finding faithful partners have an inability to trust. They often have thoughts and suspicions about their partner cheating or leaving them. They have a hard time affirming their own self worth and don’t feel complete and whole internally on their own behalf. All those insecurities are reflected outwards in the form of their partner not treating them well or cheating on them.

Vik - August 28, 2018

Hi Sunny,
Thank you for this great article. Much of what you say are in the philosophies of Buddhism and Advaita, regarding people being a reflection of your consciousness, and not criticizing or exaggerating our self.

Therefore, if practiced diligently (such as in meditation, less attachment to sense of self, and others), don’t those teachings help to attract better people and situations in our lives?

    Sunny from Personal Mastery Quest - August 28, 2018

    Hi Vik thanks for your kind words! Absolutely if you stay detached from other people’s behavior, take responsibility for the people and situations you are attracting and manifesting, and continue to work on improving your relationship with yourself and the world around you, then naturally you will attract better people and situations into your experience. Main focus being always look within for the answer and work on things at the root level. Hope this helps!

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