How To Gain Control Of Your Emotions

In this blog post I will show you how to gain control of your emotions so that you can gain back the power to create your own reality.

Why would you want to gain control of your emotions?

Well when you just react to things that happen externally, it means that external situations control you. 

If you keep allowing external situations to. control you, you keep giving up your control to change them. And as long as you keep giving your control away, you keep giving your power away to create your own life.

Understand that your greatest power as a human being is your capability to control your own emotions and guide your own thought.

So if you can’t even do that, you’re pretty much living a similar existence to an animal who just lives solely based on instinct and circumstance. 

If you are always reacting to things around you you will continue to be a slave to your circumstances and will be powerless to create the life you want.

You cannot create your own life until you gain control of your emotions and until you stop letting what happens to you control the way you feel. 

So then how do you control your emotions?

Start taking responsibility for how you feel. Stop blaming others for making you angry or sad or upset. Ask yourself whose emotions are they?

You are in charge of your own emotions. And whatever you feel is a choice. 

Now you might disagree with me on that. You might say, no sunny when things happen, it affects your emotions. And you’re right that is true, but it’s only true because we have been conditioned to function that way.

Ever since your childhood you have been conditioned to feel a certain emotion for different types of experiences. 

For example, everytime someone criticizes you, you feel sad. When someone compliments you, you feel happy. When you someone doesn’t act the way you want them to, you become angry. So on and so forth.

These are just responses to different types of situations that have been programmed within your subconscious mind.

But now it’s time that you wake up and create your own responses to everything that happens to you.

It’s time you take responsibility for you how feel. It’s time you stop allowing yourself to be a slave of your life situation.

Because only if you take conscious control of your emotions, you will be able to create your reality. It can be no other way. Either you control your life or it controls you.

You must realize that all life experience is happening within your mind. Everything that you experience is happening within. Your senses receive information and then it is your minds reaction to that information that you feel as an emotion. 

You have the power to react in whichever way you want but most people have forgotten that they have this power of control.

You have the power to dictate your response to anything in the way that you want.

But because you have been conditioned for years, you react automatically based on whatever your conditioning is.

Once you start taking responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others for how you feel you’ll gain true power.

It is all you. No one is making you feel any type of way. You decide how you feel. How you feel is a choice. 

So ask yourself this right now, how do you feel? Know that it is your decision to feel that way. And if you don’t like the way you feel you have the power to change it.

Sorry for sounding harsh but society has got it backwards.

Happy is considered neutral but we have been conditioned to sympathize and give attention to people who are upset and angry.

We don’t get attention when we are happy but get all the attention when we are upset. This actually conditions the brain to seek more things to get upset about and seek attention and gratification again. 

And it creates this on going cycle of misery in which you lose all control to create the life you actually want.

So here is what you can do to start reprogramming your subconscious conditioning and take back your control of your emotions.

Whenever you are upset or irritated or angry, ask yourself why you feel this way.

And then in that moment if you notice that you are blaming someone else or some situation or circumstance for how you feel. 

And then remind yourself that your emotions are yours to control – that you have the ability in this moment to feel the way you want to feel.

Remind yourself that you are choosing to feel this way right now. The way you feel right now is no ones fault but your own. And that if you want to feel better, you can simply choose to feel better.

Moral of the story, stop blaming and start taking responsibility.


June 21, 2018

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