Reality Transurfing Parallel Realities – Become The Best Version Of You

In this blog post I will show you how to become the best version of yourself using reality transurfing parallel realities.

Today we are talking parallel realities.

I want you to know that the best possible version of you that you can imagine exists right now.

Yes that best version of yourself that lives your dream life exists and its possible for you to become that version of you.

So this is an idea from reality transurfing that shows us that whatever we can imagine or think of is a reality that exists. 

It is a reality that is on a different life track or life line than the one you are currently living on right now but you can move to that dream reality if you abide by certain conditions.

There is a field of infinite parallel realities called the alternatives space. There are a bunch of other names for it, you can call it what you’d like.

But the main idea is that this field contains infinite potential parallel realities, meaning it contains an infinite number of combinations of events that you can live through.

The reality that you want to live or dream to live is one of those combinations that exists.

It currently exists as potential and it lies on a different life track than you are on right now but you have the power to manifest that potential reality into physical form.

That is what you have been doing in the past.

All past events that you have lived through were manifested into your life from the alternatives space and right now in this moment you are manifesting your future events from the alternatives space.

It is the field through which all creation becomes manifested.

So then knowing this, how can you become the best version of yourself and live your best life?

Well you have the power to connect to any reality in the alternatives space emotionally. Your emotions are the bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms.

Your emotions are the bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms.

What you manifest in the future depends on your current thoughts and beliefs, your perspective that you look at the world through, and the things that you choose to focus on right now.

Even the current life that you are living is just the result of your past perspectives, beliefs, and emotions.

So for example right now, if you are sad and frustrated about your current life, you are emotionally connecting to other realities in the alternatives space where sadness and frustration exists.

So when you continue to feel those emotions regularly, and you keep corresponding with the potential reality in the alternatives space in which those emotions are in abundance, you will continue to manifest a reality in which you always have more and more to be frustrated and sad about. 

The main point is:

Whatever you are currently feeling, you are manifesting more of into your future.

This is because your emotions are the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. And your emotions are what connects you to all potential realities in the alternatives space.

So In order to manifest the best possible version of you, you must start thinking like that version of you, you must start feeling the motions that version of you feels regularly, you must start viewing the world like that version of you feels, and you must start focusing on the things that version of you focuses on.

Does you ideal version of you that is living your dream life, think a lot of negative thoughts? Does that version of you feel sad and unhappy all the time?

Does that version of you view the world as an ugly evil place? Does that version of you focus on petty little arguments and criticism?

I am going to take a strong guess here for you and say that no, that is not how the dream version of you lives his life.

Your best self thinks positive thoughts. Your best self feels happy, fulfilled, and full of energy.

Your best self views the world as a pleasant and joyful place. Your best self focuses on creating more joy and helping the world become even better.

So now, knowing this ask yourself: Do I currently think, feel, and live like my best self?

If that answer is a no, then now you know why you aren’t living the life that you want to live. 

But now you also know what to do in order to manifest your dream reality and live the life you want to live.

Identify how your best self lives and live that life. Think the thoughts, feel the emotions, and view the world like your best self does. And naturally over time, you will connect with your dream self in the alternatives space and your life situation will start changing.


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