How To Stay On The Path Of Least Resistance

In this blog post i will show you how to stay on the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance is the path that will allow you to achieve your goal with the least amount of problems as possible. 

Understand that everything in nature ALWAYS takes the path of least resistance.

Nature always exerts as little effort as possible and all effort is exerted with meaning and purpose.

Us human beings are a part of nature and operate the same way. But when you’re on the path of your goals, it’s the way you pursue them that creates the problems for you.

Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your daily actions and decisions and is already designed to be a goal seeking machine and knows the path of least resistance from point A to point B. 

When you clearly define what your goal is, your subconscious mind literally functions to fulfill that goal. It influences your behavior and decisions based on the goal you have set for it.

But us human beings get so caught up in our minds because we take in too much information throughout the day whether it be other people, social media, news, tragic events, TV, anything.

These things flood our mind with a lot of information and different perspectives and they cloud our judgement and fuel our motives away from the path of least resistance to our goal.

So the intuition and insights that are coming from your subconscious mind go ignored because you are too caught up in the turbulent activity of your own mind and this knocks you off the path of least resistance.

But the path of least resistance exists and it is the fastest path to get to your end goal.

Now, here are the 3 ways that you can stay on the path of least resistance and avoid a thousand problems from holding you back.

1. Realize that the path of least resistance will have events on it that you might not think are beneficial to you.

For example, something might happen like a minor failure or even a major failure, and you might think it’s a problem, whereas it’s actually something that is good for you. 

See, everything in life is neutral it has no meaning, only you give things meaning and label what is “good” or “bad”.

For example, you getting rejected from a job that you really wanted to get. Thats not a good or bad thing. The only reason you have identified it as bad is because you have become attached to the outcome. 

When anything we have labeled “bad” happens, we push against it and build up resistance. The resistance knocks us off the flow, the path and that is how problems come up. 

So you really never know how an event will turn out for you so stop getting attached to it in this moment.

Be in it for the bigger picture. instead of fighting against little failures and setbacks, think of them as a good thing because you have no idea how they will actually affect your journey. 

2. Reduce inner and outer importance.

This is an idea from reality transurfing and it’s a game changer. 

Reducing inner importance means this: Stop thinking you’re not worthy of achieving your goal and not worthy of having the best in life. And then on the opposite side of that is stop thinking too highly of yourself and thinking you are above others.

Outer importance means stop thinking that a goal or dream is too difficult or too good for you to achieve. Don’t make it prestigious.

Both types of importance introduce resistance or excess potential energy which works against you and creates a further vibrational gap between you and your goal.

3. Reduce your intake of information.

As I said, you subconscious mind is a machine designed to seek its own path of least resistance to the goal. Only you are getting in your own way no one else. You’re getting in your way by being too inside of your own head. 

Your turbulent mind keeps steering you off course. You need to calm your mental chatter and a great way to do that is to reduce the amount of information that you take in.

Stop watching the news. Stop checking social media every 10 minutes. Stop listening to everyone’s advice. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop wanting to know what is going on in other people’s lives 24/7.

When there aren’t a million things going on in your mind it naturally becomes easier to focus on your goal and stay on the path that your subconscious mind is so carefully carving out for you.


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