Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Succeeding In Your Work & Business

In this blog post I will show you the top 3 reasons why you’re not succeeding in your work & business.

#1:You have big goals and aspirations but you don’t work on improving your self image

A lot of people want to do big things and live amazing lives but their self image literally holds them back from ever achieving any of their goals. You might ask how does this happen?

Well, to understand this concept, you must realize that you can NEVER rise above your self image. The way you view yourself and the image that you hold of yourself in your mind controls all of your actions and your performance.

Throughout your life, through all of your life experiences and the feedback that you have received through your friends and family, you have created this image of yourself in your mind.

This image is your identity and it is what you consider to be you. All of your thoughts, actions, and decisions that you take daily are determined by the image you hold of yourself in your mind.

And you only act and perform in a way that is true to your self image. 

So for example, just say you want to own your own business and be a millionaire. But throughout your life you have always been very self critical, had very negative beliefs, and always considered yourself a failure. 

That overtime becomes your self image and that image will literally hold you back from becoming successful because being successful is not true to you. Being successful is not in alignment with the image you have of your true self.

For a milder example:

Take a middle schooler for example who has a strong belief that he is bad at math(AKA me).

Now every time he takes a math test, his subconscious mind will naturally hold him back from being able to solve math problems easily or passing his math tests because doing well at math is not true to his self image.

You might be surprised at this but thesis truly how this works. You naturally act according to what you believe to be true about yourself. It can be no other way.

You can NEVER rise above your self image. If you want to be successful and become a millionaire you must constantly work on your self beliefs and self image.

#2: Your thoughts and actions do not align with your goals and dreams

This is the one I see most often. People have very lofty goals and dreams but their habits and work ethic do not align with those goals and dreams.

You must realize that success does not happen by chance. In order to be successful in your craft you literally have to become deserving of that success.

You can’t expect to be #1 in your field of work while also watching 4 hours of Netflix everyday or playing videos everyday, or going to brunch every weekend. 

Your actions and habits have become the actions and habits of the person who has the success you desire. You have to be willing to live a life that demands that success. 

Success is not something that is chased, it is something that is attracted to you by the person you become. Now ask yourself, does your current lifestyle demand and deserve the success you desire?

#3: You are too distracted and lack focus.

I believe focus to be the most important skill you must learn and develop. And yes it is something you can learn and improve on.

When Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked what is the most important thing that attributed to their success, they both said FOCUS. 

Focus means being able to concentrate on the task at hand for a certain amount of time. In order to succeed in your craft, you must be focusing on your work for the majority of your waking hours. Otherwise the quality of your work will always be subpar.

Whenever you focus on something, the energy that you put into it grows more and more exponentially. And single minded focus in one thing will create a masterpiece.

But when that same energy becomes scattered into multiple things, you subtracting the energy and the impact of that energy from that one thing that matters most to you. 

So many people who want to succeed and do well in their business also want to go out twice every weekend, they also want to go to dinner parties during the week, or work on a side business venture, and so on.

Here’s the thing, you can do all of those things but it comes at a cost. Your energy is limited throughout the day. When you give energy and focus to one thing during the day, you are taking it away from something else.

So you might be able to do a bunch of things, but at the end of the day you’ll do none of them well and find success in nothing.


  1. Work on improving your self image.
  2. Align your thoughts, actions, and habits with your goals and dreams.
  3. Focus on that one thing that will take you there.


July 1, 2018

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