How To Create Your Own Reality

In this blog post, I will show you how to create your own reality.

I will explain to you how malleable the world around you is and that you have the power to influence your reality by transforming the energy that you resonate from within.

The word around you is changeable

The solid world you consider so real is as fluid and malleable as your thoughts and emotions.

It is been proven that all matter is just a form of energy. So the matter you consider real and solid is built from the same foundation and is pretty much the same energy as your thoughts and feelings.

At all times life is coming at you at the speed of light. And because your 5 senses can perceive it you call it real.

All the good is coming at you and at the same time all the evil is coming at you.

You filter through all of this energy based on the energy that you resonate. You only pick up and attract the energy that is congruent to the energy that you radiate outwards from the center of your own being.

If you resonate a negative energy, you will attract negative energy and live negative experiences.

If you resonate a positive energy, you will attract positive energy and live positive experiences.

The life force is unbiased and unemotional and it is unemotional about the experience you have – because to the life force nothing is good or bad

However if you want to live a pleasant experience and attract positive experiences and pick up the good energy, then you have to resonate from within you a positive good warm loving energy as well.

As you center in on your energy and raise your vibration it is natural that you experience more positivity in your external life.

It all starts with your thoughts and emotions and beliefs.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

July 16, 2018

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