Reality Transurfing Trick To ALLOW Abundance (Very Powerful & Simple)

In this video I will share a simple reality transurfing technique that will enable you to allow abundance at a much greater pace.

Allowing your abundance is not as much about taking progressive action towards your goals as it is about setting clear intentions and then simply affirming your wellbeing/appreciating all the parts about your life that are already amazing.

Life is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it.

When you affirm your wellbeing and appreciate what you already have, you transform your layer of reality through that positive attitude.

Your life then reflects back to you all of the love and appreciation that you put out – giving you more to be appreciative of.

This creates an ongoing positive feedback loop of reality that continues to shift you onto more pleasant lifelines where you ideal self is living your ideal life.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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