There Is No Past Or Future – Reality Transurfing Time (Powerful Perspective)

In this video I show you the reality transurfing perspective on time. There is no past of future. There is only this present moment which is eternal.

Throughout your life, you have been conditioned to believe that time unfolds in a linear fashion and contains a past, present, and future.

This perspective of time holds us back because it is impossible to create a better future while still being identified with the past.

The fact of the matter is that time is a illusion. There is no past or future; there is only the present moment that is real and eternal.

We live in an endless now. When the past was here, you experienced it as the present moment.

What you are living right now, you are experiencing as the present moment.

When the future comes, you will experience it as the present moment.

Therefore you can conclude that the only thing that is ever real is the present moment.

And that within this present moment, past and future only exist as ideas and are pure imagination.

What creates this illusion of linear time is a stream of cause and effect. What we consider to be the unfoldment of time is actually us just experiencing the unfoldment of effects created from our causes.

You live in an eternal now in which there are infinite possibilities of streams of cause and effect to the left of you and infinite possibilities of streams of cause and effect to the right of you.

You can call these streams of cause and effects ‘lifelines.’

And moment by moment, in this eternal now, you are shifting through these lifelines based on the causes you create(thoughts, emotions, feelings, action).

The greatest accomplishment is possible for you to achieve and so is the greatest possible failure.

The times in your life you have identified as “good” and “bad” are just moments when you were residing on lifelines which were pleasant for you and in which you were living a happy experience.

In this present moment, the possibilities are endless.

You can transfer to any life line you’d like. It all depends on what you choose. It all depends on the causes you CHOOSE to create.

With this perspective of time, you have endless power to create the life you want. You have endless possibilities to choose from for what you want to manifest.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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