Create Positive Reality Feedback Loops – Reality Transurfing Manifestation

In this video I show you how to create positive reality feedback loops using the reality transurfing manifestation technique.

Feedback loops are evident in all areas of life.

A feedback loop in reality forms because reality conforms to your world view. The life that you are living is a result of the beliefs you hold to be true about reality.

Physical reality is a direct reflection of your beliefs. What you are experiencing is your own world view projected outwards.

This includes all people, events, situations, and experiences in your life. They are all just the physical manifestation, the physical form of your internal reality – which consists of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes.

The more you believe something to be true, the more evident it will become in your experience.

The more evident it becomes in your experience, the more you hold it to be true.

The more you hold it to be truth, the stronger it reflects out into your experience.

This my friend, is a reality feedback loop.

These loops work positively just as well as they do negatively.

However, because the human mind has been conditioned to think negatively over thousands of years, most of us today are living with negative feedback loops which continue to haunt us.

Negative feedback loops are the reason for the mass suffering in the world and the scaling of problems into even bigger problems.

Take for example the war on drugs. Fighting against the issue with extreme focus on the negatives about the issue has only made it worse.

In order to accelerate manifestation and live a happy pleasant life, you need to consciously build positive feedback loops in your reality.

Start by interjecting your current loops at the beliefs stage and instilling new positive beliefs about the world.

Stay consistent and patient as there will be a delay in reflection of these new positive beliefs in your reality.

Once they reflect outwards and you experience them being real for you, affirm them as fact and begin to solidify your positive beliefs.

Then they will reflect out even stronger and in due time you will create strong spirals of positive loops that will accelerate your manifestations.

Do this in all areas of your life.

Limiting beliefs do not serve you whatsoever. So doesn’t matter what you believe to be true currently, as long as it is negative, it needs to be reprogrammed.

Remember this, it doesn’t matter what is true. Only what you believe to be true because with time and work that will become true.

If you want to live a pleasant life and manifest fast, you MUST have positive beliefs and create positive feedback loops.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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