Dreams DON’T Come True, Goals DO – Reality Transurfing

In this video I describe how dreams don’t come true, goals do. And how living for the weekend is killing your goals – through the reality transurfing perspective.

Opportunities do not come to those who wait.

Opportunities are not luck, they are not chance.

Opportunities are a product of the mind. They are self created and naturally come into your life as you begin to move forward towards your goals and intentions.

The life you are currently living has a unique energy pattern in which you are currently stuck.

In order to live the life that you desire to live, you have to work upon your intentions, work upon yourself, make yourself more powerful so that you can pick yourself up from your current energy pattern.

Identify what experience you are currently living right now and what life you want to live.

Be honest with yourself about what it will take to get there and begin taking action towards it IMMEDIATELY.

Stop waiting for opportunities.

Stop living week to week just waiting around for the weekend and instead take whatever action that is in your power to move forward.

Then opportunities will start to present themselves to you naturally.

Doors that you could never have imagined will open and a clear path to your goals will be revealed.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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