3 BIGGEST MANIFESTATION MISTAKES – Reality Transurfing Perspective

In this video I will show you the 3 biggest manifestation mistakes that I see people make.

I will also show you how to fix those mistakes using the powerful reality transurfing perspective.

Mistake #1: People focusing too much on their desires while not turning those desires into intention. 

You have heard to talk about this is other posts and videos before. Desire is useless past the initial point of manifestation which is the identification of what you want.

After that you MUST turn that desire into intention and put it into motion.

Desire focuses on the end goal.

intention focuses on the process of moving towards the end goal.

Desire produces no action – therefore no results.

Intention produces all action in the universe – therefore all possible results.

(Watch video for Hawaii example)

Mistake #2:  People don’t take any action towards their goals.

Action is not the most important part of manifestation.

However, it is important that you start taking steps towards what it is that you want so the process can begin to unfold. 

People do the meditations and affirmations but they don’t move towards what they want.

They spend years in limbo hoping what they want will one day manifest into their experience, not knowing they are getting in the way of their own desire by not taking any steps towards it.

Do the meditations and affirmations but start putting the process into motion and gain momentum.

Your desire can never unfold if you just sit on your couch and don’t allow it to.

Identify what is in your power right now that you can do to move towards it and DO IT.

Mistake #3: People thinking manifestation happens TO them.

Manifestation actually happens THROUGH you. 

For example if you want a Ferrari, it’s not likely that a Ferrari will just poof up out of nowhere into your experience.

Instead, a steady process will unfold in which action will be inspired through you that will enable you to afford and purchase a Ferrari.

Manifestation happens through you. You have to walk the walk and become deserving of what you want by radiating its essence at the core of your being.

(Watch the video for more details)

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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Marko - September 4, 2018

Thanks! This is a very smart post. People are confused on this principles of manifestation.
Nothing will come to us without knowing that we need to take action and that we are responsible for our fate. There is a interesting article (on the link below) on some basic rules if we want to change our life for the better.

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