Attracting Relationships, Finding A Job, & Avoiding Negativity

In this Q&A I talk about attracting relationships, finding a job, and avoiding negativity.

Question #1: “Can you explain Frailing in more detail and provide an example that relates to relationships? 

I had an amazing intimate connection with a girl which I keep on daily contact. But I foresee issues because she lives in Europe and I will return back to Australia next week. I want to invite her to my country all expenses paid. She constantly messages me, that she misses me. But she has study commitments. 

 When using frailing in this instance, do I apply it to a Slide and imagine all the benefits to her ? or I do I simply discuss it with her over the phone?”

Some advice for ANY relationship, you want to evaluate what the other person wants. 

Then let go of your inner intention and focus your entire attention on the other person’s intention. 

What do they want from this relationships and life in general? What do they so deeply want to accomplish? Then help them get it without wanting anything in return.

What will then happen is that your needs will naturally be fulfilled. This my friend is transurfing.

The thing you let go of is the very thing you receive – but with a lot less effort and a lot more ease.

Also when you want your partner to act positively towards you or you want something from them or any another person, you can do something similar.

Identify what they deeply desire and then launch a visualization where they are feeling fulfilled and happy from having exactly what they desire.

They will feel this on a subconscious level but won’t know what it is.

They will just naturally feel comfortable and feel a positive vibe from you and will be much more likely to do what you’d like them to do.

However, when you do your regular visualizations and slide visualizations of your own end goal, never put specific people within them.

Also, while trying to attract relationships or other people into your life, do not put them into your visualization either.

Human beings are not inanimate objects in the alternatives space. They have their own intentions and goals. 

So when you visualize specific people in your personal visualizations and try to manifest a future with them, they feel a restrictive feeling subconsciously. 

As a result they will feel repelled by you and you will end up pushing them further away.

Question #2: “My main problem is getting a job. I am a chemical Engineer. I keep applying but never get any calls. Help please, Thank you.”

One. Really evaluate if you are in the right field or if you are just pursuing a career due to social conditioning.

Here’s how to evaluate if you are pursuing the right goals: Ask yourself, what would make my life a continuous holiday?

If your current goal is not aligned with that question, then you are not on the right path.

As long as you are on the wrong path, you will continue to struggle and will arrive at your goal and STILL feel empty inside.

Second, stop putting time limits on yourself. Realize that there is no threat to you in the present moment.

We put age restrictions and time limits on ourselves but these things only introduce resistance into the equation and hold us back

Third, go about the process of job searching with complete emotional detachment knowing that if you are pursuing your true goal, it is inevitable for you to achieve the goal.

Every job that doesn’t hire you is leading you to the one that will bring you much more joy and fulfillment.

Question #3: “I try my best to stay positive because I am trying to build positive beliefs and positive change in my life but other people’s negativity always brings me down. How can I stop letting other people’s negativity affect me?”

Abide by this transurfing rule: Be yourself and allow others to be themselves.

If you have the right to be positive, others have the right to be negative. 

How to not let them affect you? Simply withdraw your attention from them. Don’t give them any area in your personal and mental space.

If that is not possible, then withdraw from their company and physically distance yourself from them.

Keep in mind to not try to fight against them, tell them that they are wrong, or go out of your way to avoid them.

Simply withdraw yourself or your attention.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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