2 WORST Habits Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals

In this video I will share with you the two worst habits that are greatly holding you back from achieving your goals.

And at the end of the video I also give you the solution to these self created problems.

1)Self doubt – which in reality transurfing is referred to as Inner importance. 

Everyone faces some sort of inner resistance while they’re pursuing a big goal.

But it is the ones who greatly focus on those negative thoughts and emotions of self doubt are the ones who either never take action towards their goals OR introduce unnecessary obstacles on their path.

If you are constantly doubting your ability and if you’re good enough or if you’re worthy or are do you have it within you, you are creating extreme excess potential.

This excess potential distorts your perception of reality and introduces a lot of resistance on your path which manifests itself as problems and obstacles.

2)Thinking of the goal as something that is hard to achieve – which in reality transurfing terms is called Outer importance.

If you are constantly viewing your goal as unattainable and putting it on a pedestal, not only will you distance yourself from your goal but you’ll also continue to put your happiness on the other side of it.

You will have problems and you’ll become miserable during the process of fulfillment.

Instead you need to simply choose the goal and take steps towards it with emotional detachment knowing that because you have made the decision to have that in your life it will happen.

You must reduce importance every step of the way. 

*Walking on a wooden plank example* (watch video for explanation)


  1. Work on your self image. Reprogram your subconscious mind and improve what you think and feel about yourself.
  2. Before you make the decision to embark on the journey towards a goal, acknowledge and accept the possibility of failure.

If you still continue to embark on the journey, then there is no longer the need to always think about potentially failing.

All that remains is remaining clear about the goal, taking steps towards it every day, and choosing to have what you desire.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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