You Get What You DO NOT WANT – Law Of Attraction Fact

Most people have a vague idea of what they want in life but they know exactly what they do not want. For this reason, they get what they do not want.

You cannot have a vague destination set in your mind for the type of life you want to live.

You cannot just say you want to be rich and happy and expect to be rich and happy.

You need to really ask, what do I want out of life? What kind of conditions do I want to live in?

What kind of house do I want to have? What do I want to be doing everyday?

What will make my heart truly happy and joyful?

For example, if you were to get into your car and enter just a city in your GPS, you might get close to there, but you won’t get to your cousin’s house.

The subconscious mind has the incredible power to attract and create all the experiences you desire into your life but it needs to be programmed with the exact destination – just like you enter the house number and street and zipped into the GPS.

Really get clear about what you want in your life and start to radiate the energy that resonates with that life.

Does the life you want to live include a version of you that is lazy, sluggish, sad, unmotivated, and depressed? Most likely not. But that is what I would like to emphasize to you today.

You can never become your ideal self if you don’t first start to resonate the energy and state of being that is aligned with that ideal self.

If you ideal self isn’t lazy, sluggish, sad and unmotivated then you have no business being lazy, sluggish, sad, and unmotivated.

Imagine yourself like a ball of energy in complete darkness.

At all times, life is coming at you at the speed of light from all angles and you only pick up and attract to yourself the pieces of life that are congruent and vibrationally aligned with the energy that you are radiating.

What you pick up is what you experience and what you call life.

By feeling the emotions that you do not want (sad, lazy, sluggish, unmotivated) you only pick up pieces of life that are congruent with that energy.

Be feeling lousy right now, you can only shift to parallel life lines where you feel even worse.

If you feel poor right now, you can only shift to life lines where you feel even more poor. It is law.

On top of that, if your mind only has a vague image of what you do want, you can forget about ever being able to create any positive change in your life.

So get clear with yourself today. What is it that you want out of life?

What do you want to experience? What would you have to be doing everyday to make your life a continual holiday?

And then what emotions will you feel when you are living that life? Identify that and align your current state of being with those emotions.

Then it is only a matter of you taking one step in front of the other and walking towards its direction and taking what is yours.

Again, it is law.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

August 14, 2018

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