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There is a life path on which your true goal and true happiness exist.

If you pursue this true goal, there is no limitation to the amount of success and wealth you can accumulate. 

But right now you are pursuing a goal that might not be right for you.

And as long as you continue to pursue this false goal, you will always have to fight for your place in the sun, work extremely hard, and still only be able to achieve limited success.

Today I want to talk about finding your true goal – the path on which your greatest happiness and success lie.

We all have goals and dreams but many of those are not our true goals and dreams.

A true goal is your innermost goal The path of greatest success and happiness for you

A foreign goal is a goal imposed on you by pendulums(social conditioning & mental programming imposed on you by your surroundings). 

As long as you are pursuing a foreign goal, you will always struggle to succeed and it will require a lot of time, energy, and effort to see any results. 

 Even after that the maximum level of success you can achieve within a foreign goal is limited. And the success that you achieve will always leave you with an empty feeling inside.

A true goal is your unique path to success. If you embark on this path you will find success naturally. On this path you don’t have to exert a crazy amount of effort or overcome countless obstacles. 

 You simply place one foot after another and everything flows naturally and works out. Also you will be able to achieve remarkable success and happiness. This is the path of your true happiness.

We all know someone who works extremely hard but is still unhappy and has a hard time seeing any success.

We all also know of someone who is very successful and lives an incredible life and they look like they’re having the best time but barely working.

The difference is this: One person went down their true life path and the other person chased after a foreign goal.

So how to find your true goal?

Identify if the current goal you are pursuing is actually your true goal or a foreign goal.

Are you pursuing your goal because it’s something that actually brings you joy? Or are you pursuing it because of your family, friends? Or maybe you couldn’t find anything else to do, or maybe money?

Another way to evaluate if you are pursuing a foreign goal is to ask yourself if you are struggling.

If any aspect of the goal is uncomfortable to you, and if the image of you having achieved the goal isn’t amazing to you then it is a foreign goal.

Ask yourself the question, what would make your life a continual holiday?

What would you have to be doing everyday to make your life amazing? 

Think about what has always came natural to you.

What have you always loved to do ever since you were a child? What areas of life are you just naturally good at? You don’t have a single meaningless trait.

We all have some strengths and natural abilities that point us to the direction of our true life path and true goal.

We just neglect them and don’t develop them because we get stuck carrying out foreign goals that are imposed on us.

Here are some tips:

Every single aspect of your goal should make you happy.

Even if you love your work but hate only some aspects of it, then it might not be your true goal.

For example, I love every part about making videos from thinking of ideas to filming to editing etc.

When you’re pursuing your true goal, happiness is here and now in the present moment.

When you are pursuing a foreign goal, happiness always seems to loom somewhere over the horizon and you can never quite catch it.

The longer you ignore your true goal, the more unfulfilled you’ll become in life.

It’s never too late and changing paths is never as bad as you think.

You have to make the choice, do you want to change course now and start being happy right now or continue to serve a foreign goal and consistently increase your unhappiness and fulfillment? 

It all comes down to your choice. We all are living what we ourselves have chosen.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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Maureen - September 18, 2018

Thank you so much for taking the time to create a site where we can come and learn more about the Law of Attraction. I have recently learned about the law and have noticed incredibly positive changes in my life. I created a vision board and I have a journal where I write down what I’m excited about for the day. I also read the book, The Secret, and every time a negative thought creeps into my mind I picture the genie saying “As You Wish” and immediately replace it with a positive thought.
I look forward to reading more of your work in the future. Please keep up the good work!

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