How To Design Your Own Layer Of Reality – Reality Transurfing

In this post I show you how you create and design your own layer of reality and how to take control of this magnificent process.

Every individual has their own layer of reality. The layer is how you experience this world.

The layer is formed from your perception and therefore it is largely determined by your level of conscious awareness.

Your layer is how you experience reality.

For example, a chicken experiences the world much more differently than how you experience the world. This is because of the difference in our perception.

It is the same world but it is experienced in a very different manner by every living being on this planet.

All these layers are stacked on top of one another but they intersect with one another.

For example, your layer intersects with the layer of your family members, friends, colleagues, and even the people you pass by on the street.

Everything in the universe works at a large scale. Everything is really beyond the mind but it all works perfectly.

Your layer has its own type of energy, and the layer of other people doesn’t have to affect your world unless you allow it to. (Watch video for example)

The world is balances and indifferent, it doesn’t care if you live a good or bad life because there’s really no such thing. BUT you do have the freedom to live a life that you want and design it with your conscious intent.

If you are born in a layer that is filled with negativity it doesn’t matter. You have every right and the ability to change it. (Watch video to learn how)

Your layer is limited only by what you believe to be true.

Sunny Sharma

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