Healing Yourself & Solving Your Problems Through Awareness

Today I want to talk to you about healing yourself through present moment awareness.

The 15 minutes that you spend in silence during your day are actually of greater significance than the rest of the 12-15 hours that you spend scrambling around “getting stuff done.”

We belong to a culture of getting things done and working hard and we live with our awareness entirely in the past or future.

See, If you treat the present moment as just a means to an end, then the moment that you are waiting for will be much different than what you imagine it to be.

And when it comes it will also just become a means to an end. 

If you are not present now, then whatever time you are waiting for will either never come or when it does will also pass right through you.

If you aren’t present now, you won’t be present when that time comes either.

Just like your ego continues to delude you right now convincing you that happiness and the solutions to your problems are on the other side of this long journey, the same will happen when the future comes IF you are not present right now.

The great poet Rumi said that you have to be present through your pain.

Feel your way through the pain with present moment awareness.

Within awareness, there is healing. Awareness brings to light everything that that needs to be healed and turns it into light, it transmutes it into awareness itself.

Awareness allows you to realize and learn the lesson that your problem is there to teach you.

My last video talked about being the silent observer. Think about it like watching sports. While viewing the game, you can see so many thing that the players cannot.

That is the view you get of life when you start to live in the present moment. It becomes so much easier to heal your problems and achieve your goals.

There is a quote on my wall, it says, “As a progressive and evolving being, man is where he is that he may learn, that he may grow, and as he learns the spiritual lesson which any circumstance contains for him, it passes away and gives place to other circumstances.”

To explain it in simpler terms, your current life situation, your current problems, all the people in your life, and all the events that are happening are there for your growth.

They are literally an outward representation of your balance or imbalance.

You can either resist them and suffer or turn inward, learn the lesson they’re trying to teach you and allow them to pass to make room for new circumstances, people, and things.

So what can you conclude from this?

If you are stagnant, if you are at a time and place in your life where nothing has changed for so long.

If you feel stuck and are unable to solve your problems, you are not learning the lesson.

Most likely, you are trying to fix things externally; you are playing around on the surface of the problem probably trying to do a thousand things but are completely ignoring the root of the problem.

You hate your job as a doctor and can’t get a promotion and feel miserable? Maybe you’re ignoring the fact that you’re in the wrong career and are suppressing your heart’s true desires.

Do you have an illness in the body and are in pain all the time? Maybe you haven’t been treating your body well and maybe you haven’t been dealing with stress properly.

Do all your relationships end up failing and now you hate other people? Maybe it has to do something with you inability to accept people for who they are and constantly try to impose your will upon them..

Obviously all just hypotheticals. Your situation is for you to dissect. 

I am here simply to tell you that you need to stop trying to move a million pieces on the outside and turn inwards and come back into the present moment so that you can rebalance your life.

When you rebalance, problems fade away themselves.

Stop thinking about the past and future, stop blaming other people and situations, start taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and start to heal yourself and your life through present moment awareness.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

September 13, 2018

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