3 Ways Ways To Quiet The Mind Without Meditation

In this video I will show you 3 really easy ways to quiet your mind without meditating.

I understand that meditation is tough for a lot of people and it doesn’t seem to work when you’re just starting out.

I’ve been there myself and I have been meditating everyday for about a year and a half now and even today there are many times when I try to meditate but my mind just keeps on going and going.

Well, to start off..why do you want to quiet the mind?

First of all, there is no need to really eliminate all thought.

It’s great if you get to that point and can feel totally present in the moment but our goal with these 3 exercises that I am about to show you is just to take our awareness away from our thoughts.

The goal is to make the stream of thoughts less turbulent so that you can have more clarity. 

In fact the more you are always thinking, the less clarity you have.

This is because the mind is always caught in the web of social conditioning of the past. And this conditioning is influencing your decisions and your behavior.

So it is beneficial to quiet your mind because you can gain clarity about what it is that you truly want and so that you can determine what is the appropriate step to take towards your goals. It gets rid of confusion and frustration.

So now finally, let get right into it.

#1: Sit completely still for half an hour.

So put your phone away in another room, turn off the TV, the laptop, put down the book or whatever it may be. Go to a silent room and sit down and stay completely still for 30 mins. 

This exercise disciplines your mind. When you begin doing this you will feel all sorts of urges to scratch your leg, or lick your lips, or write something down so you don’t forget later.

Don’t do any of it. Sit completely still and watch what happens around the 15 minute mark.

Your mind will start to become more quiet.

#2: Feel the energy field of your body.

This technique I learned from the book The Power Of Now and it is one that has helped me greatly.

So what you do is you just feel your body from within. It is easiest to start with the hands and the lower legs and feet but you can grow this power pretty quickly.

Focus on whatever feeling you feel and it will grow.

What you’re doing here is you’re taking consciousness away from the mind and directing it into the body.

And what you’ll notice is that while you’re completely focused on feeling your body from within, your mind is still.

#3: Go to sleep

This one is the easiest one but a lot of people don’t like it because it makes you feel lazy.

You choose if you’d like to try this but it works. When you sleep, the momentum of thought activity comes to a stop and picks back up when you wake up ONLY if you allow it.

So in order to avoid picking it back up, when you wake up don’t check your phone or intake any new information for a while.

Just sit there and do one of the first two exercises.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

September 13, 2018

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