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In this post I show you an easy way to strengthen your intention and increase your manifestation power that is often ignored.

Increase the flow of energy within your body and work on your body everyday to keep it strong and energized.

You have to start thinking of your body as an extension of your soul.

I personally use this trick where I imagine me as a little flame residing in my body. I imagine me controlling my body through my own power.

You have to realize, your body is not you, it is just what you use in this physical reality to navigate your experience and get around and do what you want to do.

You are in the physical plane but not of it. You’re a soul, you’re a feeling, a vibration that is just navigating this physical experience through your body.

You as a soul has unlimited power. So when you detach yourself from your body in this perspective, you gain power over it.

So if this body is an extension of you and whatever you do in this physical reality has to be done through your body, doesn’t it make sense to look after it and spend time on taking care of it each day?

Because if your body doesn’t feel good, you just can’t maintain a strong intention for anything because your focus will always be on your pain and stiffness and lack of energy.

If you’re lacking energy in the body, you intention will lack power.

If you expend a lot of energy every day just hauling this heavy thing around in pain and sluggishness while just satisfying tis cravings and then thinking of it as you – your intention will have less and less power.

But once you start to identify with the soul within the body and detach form it, you become an observer of the body.

Now you gain full control of it and can begin to work on it successfully.

The point of exercise is to keep the energy flowing through your body well.

If you don’t exercise every day it most likely means that the energy flow in your body is not good.

There are two types of energy, physiological energy and free energy.

Physiological energy is what we gain through food and free energy is the infinite energy of the universe that is available to us at any time. I’ll get more into that in another post.

But if the free energy is not moving through your body properly, there will be blockages, stagnation, and pain. All this will take power away from your intention and will result in you losing your manifestation power.

Pain only comes from stagnation and blockages in the flow.

Think of it like a flowing river, if it’s flowing it’s clean but as it becomes still mold forms. So how to get out of pain? How to recover this flow of energy through the body?

Start to use more energy. Revitalize the flow by using your body every day and exercising.

As you are more energized, not only will you have more power and manifestation ability but you will also just feel better more often which is essential to manifestation of your desires.

Your heart wants to experience a million things in the world. For the heart, life is a unique opportunity. The thing that can greatly hold you back is your body.

So if it is true that your manifestation power can be affected by your body and energy levels, would you want your body to be heavy, irritating, and painful?

Of course not because that makes your job way harder.

You don’t have to become extremely fit or an athlete. That’s not what I am saying.

Simply revitalize and get the energy moving around in your body by eating lighter foods and picking up an exercise practice.

So comment down below how you will increase the energy flow in your body and what body discipline you’re planning on picking up knowing that it will increase your intention and manifestation power.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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