Do What They Say You Can’t

Ever since the beginning you’ve been told what to believe. 

You’ve been told what is possible what is not possible, and what is cool or not cool. 

You’ve been taught to pursue being normal and you’ve  always been asked to accept the rules of this rigid system and comply with its restrictions.

You’ve been asked to put aside your desire for art and exploration and travel to pursue money, success, and achievement. 

You’re made to believe your dreams are unrealistic and that you’d be better off getting a job and working up the employment ladder…because only a lucky few ever make it and it’s mostly based on chance.

So most of us fall into this trap of creating false goals based off of fake symbols of happiness.

We conform to what is considered normal and neglect our own potential.

See, the system flourishes when everyone follows the rule “do as I do.”

You as an individual flourish when you embrace your destiny and become the person you want to become and live the life you want to live.

If you live your life within the confines of the system, you will master the art of getting by.

Your whole life will pass you by and you’ll realize that the happiness you were promised never arrived. That it was all just an illusion.

In the end it’s not about how long you lived. It’s about the quality of the life you lived.

Life is one never ending present moment that unfolds as cause and effect but you’ve been made out to believe that there’s always next time and next year and that what you want is just around the corner so sit back and follow the rules.

But it never comes.

But what if I told you that the ones who made it didn’t make it there by chance?

What if I told you that the ones who live extraordinary lives are the ones who believed in the possibility of it all happening?

That they refused to settle for this rigid structure and walked their own path.

What if I told you that the ones who made it have nothing special that you don’t have.

That they had the same fear and anxiety but just kept pushing and pursuing their passion past all the negativity. 

What if you realized a simple truth, which is that:

The chosen ones choose themselves.

That they believed in themselves before anybody else ever did.

What would that change for you? 

See it’s not so much about making your mind believe it will happen, it’s about convincing it to accept the possibility.

So what life will you choose to live? Because in the end, we all get what we choose.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

September 19, 2018

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