What Your Emotions Convey To The Universe…

In this video I will show you what your negative emotions convey to the universe.

This is the process of how to create the layer of your own reality.

Universal law will give you exactly what you put into it. You create your layer of reality through imagination and the energy that you radiate through your emotions.

So then…here’s what these emotions are conveying to the universe.


I hate my current reality, the reality I have created myself. I want this other reality in which I will be happy. I am focused on my current lack – this present moment sucks.

As a result, you get put into situations of perpetual waiting and lack of what you want.

Obsession and attachment

This person or situation or thing is so important to me. I cannot live without it and I am identified with it.

My sense of self is derived from this person situation or thing and I fear losing it so much. I would be a total wreck if I lost this and I am focused on how much my life would suck if this thing was to be lost.

As a result, you repel the very thing away from you.

Jealousy and envy

That person’s happiness is taking away from my well being. This world is not fair.

By seeing that person’s success, i am focusing on my lack.

As a result, you pull situations into your life where there is a further lack of what you want.


I have done something wrong and i deserve to be punished. I am a horrible person and deserve to be manipulated and controlled.

As a result, you get pull people and situations into your experience that punish you in some way.

*Watch video for full explanations*

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

September 19, 2018

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Sherri - November 1, 2018

I like this topic and hope you can explain more negative emotions. I have two questions as follows:

What’s the difference between passion and obsession? When we keep thinking about a new project, is that a passion for creation or an obsession with the result?

Some people love to play power games and control others. What kind of emotion are they sending to the universe and what will they receive back?

Thank you!

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