How To React Positively To Negative Situations – Manifest 10X Faster

In this video I will show you how to react positively to negative situations.

And towards the end of this video I am going to show you this diagram that will completely change the way you look at negative events that happen in your life.

Here is you in a balanced state, the waves represent destructive pendulums or “problems” that come into your life, and the red dots are the initial provocations; that first instance where you realize something has happened that you don’t like.

So one thing is inevitable, these waves will be approaching you throughout your life.

You cannot escape the waves. What you can decide though is how you will react to these waves and that will determine if your life will play out positively or negatively.

So let’s take for example this one small wave.

Let’s say you’re getting late for work and you’re rushing about and you’re driving now to work and get stuck in traffic. That could represent the initial prod of the destructive pendulum – the red dot.

Now if you get really irritated and get really angry, the wave has hooked into you and now this situation will pan out with the same negative vibration.

Traffic might last longer, you might get every red light on the way to work, you might even get into a fender bender – the possibilities are endless.

But if you let go of the importance and realize that there’s nothing that can be done about this traffic and you will now get to work at whatever time you’re gonna get there, this wave will just pass through you and leave you alone.

Think of everything that is happening to you as just a wave and it will lose its power over you.

These waves could be ANYTHING.

It could be getting fired from your job, being late to a movie because of your friend, your car stops working on the highway, your water bottle spills in your bag, or something even as serious as someone robbing your house.

Your initial reaction to these waves will determine how the rest of the situation unfolds. It will ALWAYS unfold in the same vibration of your reaction to the situation.

At the end of the day, if you want to stay emotionally balanced, you have to start looking at these provocations as just that – provocations.

Get your emotions out of it and stop labeling them as problems.

If your boss yells at you at work, realize that its not your boss yelling at you, it’s the provocations from a destructive pendulum. Don’t be mad at your boss and let the situation go..drop its meaning.

If you fall off your bike and break your ankle, realize its not you being stupid and breaking your ankle, it’s just the provocation of a destructive pendulum.

Don’t be sad and miserable that you can’t walk for two weeks. Accept it and begin the healing process. Think about it as a good thing, now you get to rest for a while.

I know what you’re saying, its hard to control your emotions when things happen.

You can change your reaction not by fighting your emotions but by changing your relationship to the situation at the time of the initial provocation.

Emotions stem out of importance.

IF you reduce the level of importance something has, you will not be as emotional.

Reduce the meaning and importance of the thing that is getting to you and it will lose its power over you.

When these things happen, detach yourself from the thing that actually happened and just think about it as a wave and realize you’re at the red dot.

Then quickly catch your reaction and make sure you react either neutrally or positively. Just don’t react negatively and give the pendulum your energy and let it hook into you.

From today onwards, your emotional balance is the most important thing to you.

The less you allow your balance to be disturbed, the quicker you will manifest and the better your life will turn out to be.

Why would you want to take this approach? Because if you react positively, the rest of the situation will turn out much more positively than if you react negatively.

Your boss might come apologize to you and buy you ice cream, your ankle will heal faster etc etc. You get the point.

When something happens, your reaction is what determines the result so you have full control over how your life pans out.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

September 28, 2018

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