WHERE FOCUS GOES, ENERGY FLOWS – Properly Channel Focus & Achieve Results

Where focus goes energy flows. In this video I show you how to properly channel your focus to get anything you want in life.

If you are trying to consciously create your own reality and get into control of your life, you have to start looking at yourself as an expression of God; the creative life force that created you.

You can call this force whatever you’d like but its essence remains the same.

You have to stop searching for this life force outside of you because it actually lies within you.

There is life force within you that flows out into anything your give you attention to.

Wherever your awareness goes, the life force becomes concentrated on that thing. It causes that thing to grow and become a more powerful force. A more prominent part of your life.

Whatever you pay attention to the most get energized and gains more attraction power.

So in terms of manifestation, attention energizes the subject, intention transforms it.

For example, let’s say you want to be a writer and impact millions of people with your writing.

So you spending 10 hours a day writing a book is allowing your work to be energized by this life force in a focused manner and then your intention to make a difference in millions of people’s lives is what transforms your book into an international best seller.

Here’s the thing, every single person on this planet has the same exact life force. No one has more, no one has less.

Although, most of us block this life force and get a lot less than others – through negativity, bad habits, drugs etc.

But we all have the same input. So then why do our outputs differ so much? How is it that one person can become the richest man in the world and someone else struggles to just get by.

Here I have a diagram that explains this.

This is what the average person looks like – scattered focus(WATCH VIDEO)

This is what a specialist looks like- laser like focus (michael phelps example, warren buffet, yogis in india) Any field. (WATCH VIDEO)

Also the average person focuses on limits. I don’t have this and this and this that I need to make my goals a reality. This focus on their limits energizes their limits and their lack and they continue to expand their lack.

The specialist focuses on moving towards the goal at all times.

Same input just concentrated use of that input produces largely different results.

The average person loves to put their focus onto a million things. And no 1 thing gets focused attention. Therefore, they don’t achieve good results.

Focus is your superpower.

No matter what is on the other end it will make it more powerful

We all have around the same amount of attention each day, we just use it differently

You can have anything you want in the world but you cannot have everything

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

September 28, 2018

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