Does Visualization Actually Work? And How?

It has come to my attention that people don’t like to visualize because they understand the logic but don’t see the point.

I get why this is because humans have a huge bias towards physical action and impacting the world directly

So I’m sure if you know anything about visualization you know that it programs into your subconscious mind your goal and your destination and it tells it where to take you.

But it actually does a lot more than that.

You are on this wavelength your goal is on this wavelength. (Watch video for diagram)

It’s oscillating at a completely different frequency. It’s a whole direct reality than the one you’re living. And it’s not something that you can experience physically right now.

But you can…

You can experience a form of that reality right now.

When you visualize and you’re living in your slide and you’re enjoying the scene, your energy starts to match the wavelength of that reality.

So what happens is that because now you’re oscillating at this wavelength the proper action is being inspired through you naturally and you start to automatically subconsciously act like the dream version of yourself and doing all the right things that will make that reality your reality.

That’s also why I say that if you don’t know how yet to achieve your goal, start visualizing your slide because overtime as you become comfortable living that slide, ways of manifesting it will be presented to you.

The doors will open the means will present themselves.

If you don’t know how to properly visualize, watch my other video on how to properly visualize.

But that’s why visualization is considered as big a part and concrete action as any other step you take

You have to stop becoming biased towards the physical side and realize that life operates in a subtle way. That you’re only wasting your energy by constantly trying to force things to come into existence.

That’s the whole point of reality transurfing and Taoism and many other philosophies.

They teach you how to operate in a way that you don’t try to force your will upon the world but instead move in an elegant manner in which the world meets you halfway.

So ease the grip, keep doing the mental work the spiritual work while taking calm and concise action and you will have what you want.

The only thing that can get in the way of you manifesting that reality and making it your own full on experience is 1, lack of faith and 2 lack of self confidence.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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