Reduce Importance Of Your Desire To Achieve It WAY FASTER

Reduce importance of your desires to manifest them faster. This process is much easier than how it is perceived. Reducing importance is widely misunderstood. Let’s clear all of that up today:)

Why reduce importance?

Reducing importance isn’t about faking and thinking that what you want isn’t important to you or that you no longer care for what you want

It consists of 3 things.

1: Outer importance

Outer importance is you thinking the goal is unattainable. (Yacht example, Watch Video)

2: Inner importance

Inner importance is thinking that you don’t have what it takes to achieve the goal.

It is focusing on your own perceived shortcomings.(Yacht example, Watch Video)

3: Attachment

Attachment to the end result is you focusing on your current lack and saying that you cannot be happy until you attain what you desire.

Letting go of attachment to the end result means that you are still able to love yourself and your life regardless of if you get what you want

This is what attachment does to your desire:

Intention is simply the will to act and have

Attachment on the other hand weighs down your intention and makes it weaker because it is focused on your lack.

When you are super attached you’re basically placing your happiness on the other side of your goal and focusing entirely on how you don’t currently have what you want

Vibrationally, you’re conveying to the universe to take you further and farther away from your goal

So you see, reducing importance is really practical and will help you accelerate your journey or at least it will help you have some ease of mind while on the journey.

If you don’t reduce importance you will never build the will to have what you desire, and as a result what you want will never happen for you.

Whereas if you do reduce importance, throughout your journey to your goal you can maintain a strong will to have.

You can maintain a strong expectancy to eventually get what you want

When you reduce importance of your desires, you go about your life not desiring or wanting or hoping or dreaming, but expecting and knowing that what you want is already yours.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

September 30, 2018

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