Attract A Relationship With Ease & Simplicity (4 WAYS) – Law Of Attraction

In this video I show you how to attract a relationship with ease and simplicity through law of attraction.

Before we get into the 4 ways, what makes an awesome relationship?

Healthy relationship: 2 two people come together and share their existing abundance of happiness and pleasantness.

Problematic relationship: 2 people who feel lonely and insecure come together and derive happiness and a sense of self from one another.

What’s the difference between the two?

In the first, happiness already exists independent of one another but when it comes together, it expands and flows with greater intensity.

In the second, the sense of identity of self is misplace in the other person. And this causes dependent relationships, where the theme is “act this way, and I’ll like you, act this way and I’ll treat you differently.

In the second one you’re constantly looking for happiness externally but what you’re actually doing is just temporarily distracting yourself of the emptiness and insecurity you feel within. That is until problems inevitably begin to occur and the temporary happiness you were deriving from the other person runs out and now you’re miserable again.

If you are not happy by yourself and you feel like you NEED a relationship, you’re not ready to be in a relationship. If you do get into a relationship in that state, it will most likely have problems in the long run and fail.

See with relationships, it’s all about the energy that you’re putting out into the world. So if you’re coming from a place of neediness and lack, you’re going to attract someone who is congruent with those qualities.

OR due to law of polarity, someone who is the exact opposite, so in this case, someone who will balance out your insecure traits with oppressiveness….which is also not a healthy relationship.

So before pursuing any relationship, let go of all the the need and attachment. You have to first work on improving your sense of worth and start to feel good by yourself.

That’s a whole different topic which we can cover in another video.

So now, the 4 ways to naturally attract a relationship to you with ease.

#1: Love yourself.

Build up an appreciation for your unique qualities and get into a state where you feel inferior/superior to NO ONE.

And you do this by stopping comparing yourself to other people and also by stopping judging other people.

Realize that everybody has strengths and weaknesses. Literally as much as they might make it seem on instagram, nobody in this world is perfect and everybody has flaws.

Someone might be good looking, someone might be smart, someone might be really good at cooking…whatever it may be.

You need to find your strengths and your unique traits and start developing those qualities and loving those qualities.

By loving yourself you radiate outwards that loving energy and people sense that from you and they subconsciously get a feeling of security and love from you.

So as a result, you attract to you someone with a similar energy.

#2:Get rid of preexisting negative beliefs about relationships.

“Relationships are like that, all guys/girls are like that” No that’s not true.

That’s just true for most people because most people get into unhealthy relationships which we described earlier. Their relationship is more like a war of 2 egos than a communion of love and happiness.

Do yourself a favor and go into this process without any biases whatsoever and you’ll thank yourself later for it. People always find what they seek.

So if you firmly believe that all guys are like this or all girls are like that, then you will find exactly what you are focusing on.

#3: Visualize your ideal relationship

Start for like 10 minutes a day sitting down and consciously imagining the type of relationship you want to be a part of.

Imagine yourself being with an abstract person doing the things you like feeling more and more secure, loved and amazing.

What this does is it programs your subconscious mind and sets a destination for where you want to go. It also attunes your thought energy to the version of yourself who is already in a relationship.

So if you’re thinking and feeling like a person who is already in a loving relationship, you’re bound to attract one into your life.

#4: Take some action

Stop waiting for the right person to come around. If you feel secure on your own and believe you are ready for a relationship, then start taking action to create that in your life and it will happen much faster.

So with attracting relationships, you don’t want to be pushy and work hard to get into a relationship. Don’t put that kind of energy out into the world, it will only work against you.

But at the same time keep taking consistent action towards the goal.

Maybe go out and socialize more, join a dating app, whatever it might be – put your energy into action and it will help you attract it into your life.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

October 3, 2018

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