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The emotion I am talking about is gratitude. But I am not about to preach gratitude to you like everyone else. I am about to show you what gratitude is really about.

Speaking about gratitude, I don’t mean to talk about it in the general sense like show gratitude for the things you have or your health or your car etc. Im talking about feeling gratitude for where you are right now in your journey.

Feeling gratitude for all the learning and growth that you have available to you if you become receptive to it. Feeling gratitude for the place and state of mind you find yourself in right now because that is a gift.

Let me give you a personal example: (Fraternity Example, watch video).

So if you take away anything from his story, let it be that in the present moment, the go always looks to the future for salvation and happiness while completely neglecting that happiness and wellbeing already exist right here in the now. And no matter how bad times are right now, you will look back at these times in gratitude and happiness.

And here’s the most important fact that I am about to tell you about this whole manifestation create your own reality thing.

This truly will be the most important things you can realize IF you want to truly grow and get what you want. Reflect on this for the whole rest of your day to really internalize this.

Here it is:

This whole manifestation thing is less about getting what you want and more about becoming the person who has the ability to have that thing in his or her life…

I’ll say that again

You will not have the same personality when you get what you want.

You in a sense will not be the same person, you will think differently and behave differently, have different people around you, eat different quality food, have different likes and dislikes.

So again its not about manifesting the thing, its really about growing into the person who has the ability to have that in his life naturally

So what gratitude is really all about is seeing the current stage of your journey as sacred.

It doesn’t matter if you just started or if you are well into the process now, appreciate your current step because it is bringing you more than you currently understand through your tiny little mind.

I’m not asking you to enjoy the leaky faucet in your bathroom or the paint that might be scraping off your wall, although theres even an element of beauty in that if you look at it from a higher state of consciousness…

I’m asking you to appreciate and have gratitude for where you are right now and all that you have been through.

Have gratitude for having whatever you do have because it will serve as a foundation for what is to come.

If you aren’t able to have any gratitude for what you have and your current life, it means you have intense desire and need to reduce importance and attachment to the things you like and dislike because otherwise you will remain stuck at that stage.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

November 4, 2018

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