In this video I show you the key differences between the scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset.

The difference in these mindsets really decides what your life looks like, which experiences and people you come across, and the amount of success and happiness you are able to cultivate in your life.

Scarcity Mindset

•Feels incomplete – chases external things for gratification.
•Conserves and collects.
•Looking for free things.
•Consumes energy.
•Hates change. Likes rhythmic patterns.
•Suspicious about opportunities.
•Dislikes people and views them as threats.
•What’s in it for me?
•Criticizes and blames.
•Lives in the past and future.
•Everything is good or bad/ right or wrong.
•Fixed perspective. Agrees or disagrees instantly.
•Greatly influenced by other people’s opinion.
•Never tries new things out of fear.
•Seeks entertainment.
•Coping with life.
•Energy is low and stagnant.

Abundance Mindset

•Feels whole and complete – lives in a state of joy.
•Shares and circulates.
•Understands exchanges of value.
•Produces energy.
•Embraces change and uncertainty.
•Evaluates opportunities with an unbiased lens.
•Realizes we all have the same underlying source.
•How can I help?
•Encourages and takes responsibility.
•Lives in the present moment.
•Life is shaped through perspective.
•Open minded. Questions his own beliefs.
•Thinks for himself and prioritizes his values.
•Tries many things to sort out likes and dislikes.
•Seeks education.
•Energy is high and flowing.

How To Build Abundance Mindset

•First of all, understand that it is a gradual process.
•Requires discipline and conscious awareness.
•Constantly question your worldview.
•Participate in things that enhance your personal power and reduce activities that drain your power.
•Let go of chasing short term pleasures and focus on achieving long term fulfillment.
•Let go of chasing external gratification and focus on feeling whole from within by letting go of limiting beliefs.
•Stop identifying with the past. The only time that exists is the Now.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

November 4, 2018

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