How To Manifest With Law Of Attraction

In this video I show you how to manifest in your life with law of attraction and how to go about this process in the most effective way.

You get what you embody through your state of being.

What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is you don’t get what you desire, you don’t get what you hope for or dream for, you get more of what you already are.

Everybody has a predominant state that defines their current existent. Everybody has a state that is predominant in a regular day to day basis for them at this point in time.

That state is what you attract more of.

To give you a few examples,

The person who desires lives a perpetual existence of lack and always is in a state of desiring.

The person who fears constantly manifests more situations in which he always has more to fear.

The person who criticizes and complains creates more situations in which he always has more to complain about.

Those are just a few examples of how your state manifests in future situations.

The thing you need to know is, whatever you currently embody is what you’ll get more of in the future.

This is because the emotions and the state you embody for the majority of the time has a vibrational frequency attracts more of the same energy


A lot of people ask me

How do I not react negatively to things?

1. You have to realize that when you’re reacting negatively to things, you’re deeply asleep.

It might sounds harsh and I say this kind of harshly on purpose because it is a truth we all must wake up to.

When you react negatively you are deeply asleep in life and have lost all control and free will and are just playing a game imposed on you by some other person or energy.

2. You can feel negatively but just not act on those emotions.

For example someone makes you mad and you can’t control your anger but the least you can do is direct your anger somewhere else.

So don’t suppress the emotion because that’s not healthy.

You’re angry that’s fine it’s healthy but go direct it somewhere else and don’t act on that anger and yell at someone or go try to seek revenge on somebody.

3. Change your attitude to things happening to you.

Let just say you want to be extremely happy and successful. And now you just heard from this video that you have to maintain a positive state. Notice that when things go wrong, you have a choice.

Either to allow your emotion to spoil your manifestation process and hold you back or to move through it and keep unfolding your desire.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

November 4, 2018

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