Subconscious Trick To Improve Relationships DRASTICALLY

In this video I show you a fun trick you can use to drastically improve the quality of all your relationships.

Do this lightheartedly and genuinely for best results haha. Let’s not take ourselves so seriously!

Treat the people you are speaking with “like God”.

Treat them with respect, care, and give them your full undivided attention.

Our ego is constantly evaluating and judging people we come into contact with and all your interactions become filtered through this biased filter.

Treating others “like God” gets rid of this filter and allows you to create amazing connections.

We live in a time where everyone has got so much going on and we all really just want to be heard, respected, and valued.

So when you give someone your undivided attention, you’re loving them. It’s an act of love and care and they feel this subconsciously.

This makes them feel good and comfortable. As a result they grow a liking to you and become comfortable around you.

They give you their blessing and their positive energy. Everybody wins.

Try it!

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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