Manifest With Emotion – How Your Emotions Affect Time & Reality

In this video I will show you how to manifest with emotion and how your emotions affect time and reality around you.

Have you ever wondered why when you’re having a good time time goes so fast

On the other hand when you’re upset or having a bad day or you’re experiencing a difficult time in your life, time seems to move sluggishly

Today I wanted to show you why this happens.

To begin with I want to state that it is proven now through quantum physics that all matter including your body and really everything within our reality is al made out of the same stuff which is atoms.

These atoms are just a form of energy that have particular frequencies.

Our thoughts and emotions also have specific frequencies which they emit.

The above frequency matches that of a good mood and emotion and the frequency below represents that of a negative emotion or mood.

Now what do we know about frequency and waves what were we taught in school?

Waves with high frequencies move faster and for shorter distances where lower frequencies move at a slower pace but much longer distances.

So if we are talking about our emotions,

Positive emotions and moods are high frequency. High frequencies move faster, as a result, when we feel good, our perception of time moves faster.

Whereas negative emotions and moods vibrate at a much lower frequency but have longer wavelength so when we are facing a difficult time in our lives or are feeling negatively, our perception of time moves wayyy slower.

And you can attest to this from your personal experience.

When you’re bored at work, times seems to be way slower. When you’re sad or upset about something or are having a bad day, the day feels like a drag.

The longer you stay stuck in this state the worst you’ll feel and the slower time will go.

Now with that said, life’s default state or the default state that the universe operates in is frequencies that are faster.

So when you’re emitting positive emotions, positive energy, the reason you feel good is because you are aligned with life’s default state.

Alternatively when you’re in a negative state, emitting negative emotion and energy, you’re in contrast with life’s default state. You’re opposing life’s default state and this is why you feel bad and uncomfortable and depressed.

So you see, positive living isn’t about believing in flowery things or living in the clouds it’s actually a more practical way to live.

Matter of fact it is the only practical way to live.

In life there is no such thing as good or bad. It’s just positive or negative. And don’t think of positive and negative as good or bad either – think of it as high energy high frequency or low energy and low frequency.

Positive energy is aligned with life.

When you are emitting positive energy and emotion, you are vibrational aligned with life. In this state, success comes to you easily and amazing things happen.

Negative energy on the other hand is destructive.

You can call it anti life and when you’re constantly feeling negative, life is a constant struggle, everything becomes irritating, and the worst things happen.

Not only will negativity ruin your life but will also make it feel like a drag and go wayyy slower in the worst way possible

So now that you have a more scientific sense of how your emotions influence your life, which emotions will you choose going forward?

I would advise you to let go of chasing success and constantly trying to achieve. Instead do why you love, focus on what makes you feel good and you’ll see that life naturally comes to meet you half way.

Opportunities come to you, doors open, you become more powerful and a better human being.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

November 4, 2018

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