MINOR Mindset Change For MAJOR Shift In Results (SO IMPORTANT)

The minor mindset change that will bring a major shift in your life.

In this video I talk about the negative beliefs, feelings, and experiences of the past that still operate through you and sabotage your ability to succeed and accomplish your goals.

The mindset change is to shift your focus from acquiring and achieving to releasing and letting go.

What do most of us want? Love, money, success, relationships, happiness, good health, growth, and abundance.

Now, if we are whole complete beings, shouldn’t life be easy? Shouldn’t we be able to achieve the things that we want with ease and effortlessness?

Well yes, you are a complete, whole being at spirit. BUT you have tons of plaque accumulated in your consciousness that is holding you back.

It is because we have so many negative beliefs, past negative feelings and experiences still trapped within our subconscious.

These feelings still operate through you today subconsciously and are creating your future.

It is those negative feelings and events that are the reason you even have the desires you have.

Your ego thinks that when you achieve those things you will feel better about yourself. But it is an illusion because no amount of external praise and satisfaction will ever bring internal happiness and fulfillment.

This is called coming from lack and like everything else in life, the solution to this is also works as a paradox.

When you shift your focus from accumulating and achieving to releasing and letting go of all these feelings, your desires turn into pure intention and the manifestation of what you want comes effortlessly anyway.

By healing that part of yourself you don’t let go of your desire, you just become ready to receive it. You start to approach that desire from abundance and not lack. That is what it means to be whole in this moment.

But we all have tons of crap that we’ve picked up through our life that is weighing us down.

Watch the video above in which I explain how to start letting go of these feelings that are not serving you anymore.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

November 4, 2018

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