Taking THE MOST Effective Action – Law Of Attraction

In this video I show you How To Take The Most Effective Action, the action that brings you the best results!

Most people also take action from a worldview of DO-HAVE-BE.

Where they feel emptiness within so they “do work” to “have external possessions” which they use to feel good and “be happy.”

This sort of action is weak and often powerless.

You don’t need external things, you are whole and complete at your core. The ego is what wants you to constantly chase and do and get external things so that it can feel more secure about itself in comparison to others.

This is what is called coming from lack and in this state you are a puppet of your surroundings; you are a puppet of the external world.

If things go well you will feel okay, if things aren’t going to plan you will feel bad…


People who operate with a more powerful paradigm come from a stance of BE-DO-HAVE

They focus on being first; they focus on their state. When the state is good, anything you do in that state will be good.

Not only that but things will actually come to you easier naturally.

Letting go of neediness is the greatest thing that you can do.

Live your life with ease. Say to yourself, Im working hard on this, if it brings me results great. If not thats okay too at least I tried my best and I’ll try again.

When you get rid of neediness and take care of how you feel BEFORE you act, your action brings results.

How to fix your state:

Take 10 deep breaths in and out while focusing on your intention and activate the feeling you are trying to attain within you.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

November 4, 2018

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