Trick Your Mind To Believe Your Visualization As Reality – How to

How to trick your mind to believe your visualization as reality – a simple how to guide:)

So I said before in my other visualization video that us humans are severely biased towards the physical action side because we like to see instant results, and we think that the mental work we do isn’t as important as the physical.

but things in the spiritual realm happen in a much more subtle manner and they are equally if not more important.

So today I wanted to share with you a cool experiment once with coal

The had a man blindfolded and held a hot burning coal behind his back.

They kept getting closer to his back and he felt the heat from the coal getting stronger and stronger.

His mind and body started to fill up with fear because the coal was getting very close and right before touching his skin, they quickly swapped the hot coal with a block of ice.

But because he was anticipating a hot coal and his mind was full of fear, the mind reacted as if his body had been burned with a hot coal.

And a blister formed on his back.

So even though he had no damage done to him with a block of ice, because he so firmly believed that the hot coal was being pushed onto his back, his skin formed a reaction based on his belief and he got burned.

So what does this tell you? It tells you that all experience is really within the mind.

And this is actually a scientifically proven fact. All experience isn’t happening outside of you, it’s actually happening within your mind.

All your 5 senses are collecting information at all times and feeding it to the mind.

And the mind has the ability to collect information from three areas.

The present moment which is through the senses, memory which is through all the information it gathered in the past, and imagination, which is through whatever you visualize.

The mind has no way of knowing what is actually happening right now or what happened in the past or future.

If you are emotionally involved in what you are focused on, it perceives it as current information.

So people who constantly live in the past, carry the past into the present with them and they create more of the same situations.

And the purpose of this video is to show you that when you visualize the proper way and you’re living within your mental slide and feeling the emotions that you would feel in your dream life, your mind has no idea that that is just a vision. That it’s just pure imagination.

It is experiencing it as the present. And the stronger your imagination is the more you’re able to influence the mind.

So in my previous videos I’ve told you that when you visualize you leave your current wavelength, your current frequency and you start to oscillate at the frequency of your dream life and your dream self, and you automatically start acting like that dream self within this present moment.

Doors start opening up for you and means to achieve your goals start presenting themselves.

Now you know why this happens.

It happens because your mind has no clue what is happening for real and what is just imagination.

So when you’re visualizing properly, you are literally “tricking” the mind to think that that is your reality.

So with that said I want to request to you, don’t just treat your visualizations lightly. Don’t neglect them as a part of your practice.

Get involved in them and have fun with them. Your imagination is your workshop in which you are creating your future.

The better you become at visualization, and yes it’s a skill, the better you’ll be able to direct your life and create the experiences you want in your life.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

November 5, 2018

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Nirja - January 27, 2019

Nice read! This sounds really interesting.

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