Why You NEED To Meditate & What You’re Missing Out On

In this video I show you why you need to meditate & what you’re missing out on if you neglect it.

The 15 minutes you spend meditating is more important than the rest of the time you spend taking any action every day.

The reason you feel resistance to meditating is because your ego convinces you not to. Here’s why:

1. Ego thinks you’re not enough and the that you need to be constantly taking action and achieving things so you can feel good about yourself. This is the scarcity mindset.
2. Your ego wants to maintain control over you. Meditation is detrimental to the ego’s control over you.
3. Your ego wants to keep avoiding all of the negative feelings and experiences. It wants to run away from them rather than face them.

Why you MUST meditate:

1. When you’re doing, you’re collecting information. When you’re meditating, you’re reflecting and packaging all of that information into solutions and lessons.
2. By sitting still and silent, you’re disciplining your ego and becoming less reactive – gaining greater control over your life.
3. You allow the things you’re running away from to resurface and can start to face them and release them so they no longer run you subconsciously.
4. You gain glimpses of your higher, true Self and can start to live out a more authentic life.

(Watch entire video for detailed explanations).

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

November 5, 2018

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