4 Steps To Master Reality Creation – Reality Transurfing

In this video I show you 4 steps you need to master to create your own reality.

This video is a very simple breakdown of the complex processes which determine the experiences you com across in your lifetime and some insight on how to deliberately influence them in a positive way going forward.

1: Coming to a position of balance.

Balance means seeing things the way they really are. Understanding that nothing is too important and nothing is too extraordinary.

It means you’re not projecting a false image onto anything in life.

It means not identifying with what you are not. It means not being constantly tugged and pulled by all directions.

2: Form a new identity.

The life you are living right now is due to the identity that you are living with right now.

Everything that happens in your life is congruent with the personality you have become identified with throughout your life experience.

In order to live a new life, you need to ask yourself, what type of person do I need to become in order to live that life? What characteristics and identity do I have to form in order to create those things in my life?

3: Controlling your emotions through observation.
If you’re constantly allowing the people and circumstances in your life put you at dis-ease, then you cannot create your reality.

Here’s the thing you need to understand, either you create your reality consciously, or it is created for you by default. When you are in reactive mode, reality is created by default for you.

If you outside events and people always control your internal state and how you feel, then you will always be a slave to circumstance.

In other words, if the outside controls you, you cannot control the outside.

4: Following through with your decisions

Most people think something, say something else, and then do something even different.

When there is no congruence in what you think, say, and do, you will rarely manifest what you want. You literally day in and day out prove to your mind that what you think rarely comes true in reality.

Creating reality is a decision. When you make a decision, you are making a choice of which path to go down.

If you make a decision but do something else, then you are creating a contradiction in your reality. As a result, when you truly want something and try to create it in your life, you will struggle to create it.

Sunny Sharma

Personal Mastery Quest

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