7 Mirror Principles Of Reality- Reality Transurfing

In this video I discuss the 7 Mirror Principles Of Reality from Reality Transurfing. show you exactly how your external reality is a direct reflection of your internal reality.

7 Mirror Principles.

  1. The world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it.
  2. Reflection is formed in the unity of heart and mind.
  3. There is a delay in the reaction of the dual mirror.
  4. The mirror cites the content of the relationship but ignores its orientation. A person will be dependent on their surrounding reality to the extent that the image is controlled by its reflection. (Wild goose chase). The greater the intensity of your feelings, the more powerful your attachment to the mirror.
  5. Switch your attention from the reflection to the image. Think about what you want and are striving to achieve rather than the things you do not want or try to avoid.
  6. Release your grip and allow the world to move with the alternatives flow. By abandoning the position of control you acquire real control over a situation.
  7. Embrace any reflection as positive. Whatever happens, everything is unfolding as it should.

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