How To Build Trust In Life And Go With The Flow

In this video I show you how to build trust in life and go with the flow which is a crucial aspect of consciously creating your own reality. ​

Truth is, if you feel no sense of oneness with your life, it will be very difficult for you to consciously create your experience.

In order to consciously manifest anything you must be willing to trust that life is working for you not against you.

Even if undesired things are happening in reality, how do you know that those things won’t lead you to manifesting everything that you want?

It is only you who labels things as good or bad. Life just flows and it’s helping you, it is trying to meet you half way but because you offer so much resistance to the flow, things you want don’t happen.

You have to stop looking at reality as something different from you. Reality and you, the person that creates reality are one and the same thing. What you are seeing is you being reflected so instead of hating yourself and battling against yourself just identify what you don’t like and then what you DO like and start going in it’s direction rather than constantly focusing on the opposite.

Believe in the goodness of all things; believe in the effortlessness and ease of life. This planet is not messed up because of life itself, it’s messed up because of the human mind. Look at the infinite sky, look at the trees, the birds, and look at the simplicity and ease with which they live their lives.

You’re conditioned to believe that events are random and have no meaning or connectedness. You’re conditioned to believe that you have to battle it out to live a free and fun lie…now start to reverse those beliefs. How? Simply start to think about what you want to believe.

Here’s a secret about life. It doesn’t matter what is true, only what you believe is true because with time that becomes true.

Sunny Sharma Personal Mastery Quest

January 27, 2019

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