Goal Setting Optimization – Step By Step Guide (Reality Transurfing)

In this video I show you my goal setting optimization process based on Reality Transurfing.

With this process, what we do is start at the end.

You first identify what you want and it has to be clear and detailed, it cannot be vague.

Then what you do is start at the end. You pick up the identity of the person who has already achieved that goal. You consider the goal already a done deal. Why do this? Because here’s a secret of life you have to realize: When you mentally step up to who you are trying to become, the universe brings you the people, the money, the resources, the mindset, the knowledge, and the ability to excel in that role.

And that right there is the reason why most people do not achieve their goals. You have been conditioned to believe that the goal you want is over there somewhere and you are here. Until you get over there you can’t be happy, and until you get there you can’t have anyone’s respect including your own. Until you get there, you’re just some loser but once you get there, you will be cool.

As silly as this sounds, it is true. This is the image conditioned within your mind ever since childhood. And this completely works against you because as long as you are identified with your current self, as long as you are identified with being that loser who can’t be happy and doesn’t even have his own respect, well that is the exact image that the universe reflects back to you.

I’ll say it once more, the universe will reflect back to you exactly the person you have identified yourself to be. It will give you everything you need to live up to your chosen role. Meaning if you’re identified(consciously or unconsciously) with being a person with low self esteem who can’t be happy right now and is trying hard to achieve his or her goal, the universe will give you all the difficulties and hardships in order to agree with you, in order to show you that you are correct.

But if you start embodying the person who has already achieved your goal, the person who knows that he or she is the best at what they do, then the universe will give you everything you need in order to agree with that image as well.

So with that said, how do you put this into practice in your daily life.

  1. Become clear about what you want. (Exact day to day routine, what you are trying to create, what kind of lifestyle etc. Identify what kind of person lives that dream life. Who do you have to be, what kind of traits does a person who lives that life has to have.
  2. Visualize yourself every single day, living the life you would have after you have already achieved the goal. Imagine from the 1st person perspective, your regular day to day life after you have already achieved your goal.
  3. Consider the goal already achieved. Rest in its fulfillment and start to embody the person from your visualization. Live your daily life with the knowledge that your goal is already achieved. This will open doors for you and will allow the universe to flow into your life, all the knowledge, resources, and people that you need to get to your goal.
  4. Get back to the present moment. Stop resisting your current life and stop making any sort of excuses no matter how legit they seem. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can and your journey will start unfolding. Take whatever action you think will help you get there and take it with the knowledge that your goal is already a done deal.
  5. When negative things happen on the journey, stop fighting against them. If you fight against them, then you’re just back to identifying with your old self who had those problems. If you fight against them, energetically, you’re actually allowing more things like that in your life. You’re actually allowing more of your old identity to shine through and come back into your life. But if you’re truly identified with your new self, he or she can care less about those little inconveniences. He or she rests in the fulfillment of the goal.

The main principle of this process is to stop identifying with your current self and start identifying with your dream self. Live your current life but be your future self and if you do so, it won’t be long before you are living that future life you have imagined.

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