How To Increase Your Willpower With Ease – For Success & Manifestation

In this video I will show you how to increase your willpower by building your awareness.

What I am talking about is the will to do what you want and what you think will hep you achieve your goals but not only that – but also the will to allow your dream in your life. The will will accept your goal as a reality for yourself.

People tell me about their dreams all the time and when I present ways for them to achieve those dreams, they fight back with all these reasons why it isn’t possible and why they cannot have what they want. A key thing to understand there is that every reason we have believed to be why we can’t achieve our dream life is just an excused sold to you by your mind and you have completely bought into it. And as a result of it, you have lost your willingness to go for it.

You have lost the will to act on your desires. You have lost the will to do what is necessary. Most importantly you have lost the will to consider that dream to every become a reality for you.

So now, how do you increase your willpower?

Your will is also directly proportional to your level of conscious awareness.

Without conscious awareness you cannot control the frequency at which you think. And if you cannot control the frequency at which you think for most of your day, then you will always be controlled by your thoughts and you will always be heavily impacted by external influences without even knowing it.

Think of awareness as your blank state. This awareness is at all times in the background of the mind just watching everything happen.

But also at all times there are vibrations of energy around you that you can tune into. This is what we call thought. Thoughts are just energy frequencies and they are always just coming in and going out of your awareness and your mind picks up and interprets these energy vibrations through languages that we have created. Certain thoughts you pay attention to and you really dwell on, other thoughts you just allow to pass freely.

Think of your mind is like a radio station, it is a receiver and transmitter of these energy frequencies. If you lack conscious awareness, your mind remains uncontrolled and you cannot select which frequency of thought you would like to tune into. You know how every radio has a control knob which allows you to tune into different radio stations? That is what awareness allows you to do.

If you lack awareness, you almost just think whatever thoughts come to your mind and your entire day and your entire life is just ruled by the sporadic thoughts that you are picking up from the collective consciousness.

When you are not consciously aware, you just tune into whichever thoughts that resonate with your current vibration; your current emotional state – and you can’t do anything about it. In this state you don’t choose your own thoughts. This is why people always ask how do I stop thinking, how do I stop my thoughts. The reason is they lack conscious awareness.

On the other hand, when you build up your awareness through meditation, you begin to enter this state where you can now observe these thoughts come and go. And you can choose which frequency of thought you would like to tune into through that control knob. So if you don’t like a certain thought that has come into your awareness, you can allow it to pass without passing any judgement, and just choose a different thought, a different frequency.

Since thoughts are your creative tool with which you create your future, now you finally gain control of this whole reality creation process. If you don’t know how thoughts create and manifest your reality, click the link up here and watch that video.

So will really comes down to how aware you are. Are you controlling which frequency of thought you tune into or are you just allowing random frequencies of thought to enter your mind and influence your behavior.

If you strengthen your awareness, you greatly strengthen your will. If you strengthen your will, you free yourself from compulsive behavior, addiction, and self sabotaging habits. You finally enter into a state where you can now take action and allow your dreams into your life.

How can you implement this in your life starting today? Watch the video to find out:)

Sunny Sharma Personal Mastery Quest

January 27, 2019

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