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In this video we dive deep into understanding intention (inner & outer). I define intention in the simplest way possible and show you the difference between inner intention(ego) and outer intention(higher self) and how to harness the power of outer intention under your conscious will(to some degree).

This video is inspired by Vadim Zeland, the author of reality transurfing who theorized many of these concepts. Thank you Vadim.

-Sparks change in the universe
-Enables evolution
-Is the catalyst of all change and action in life

Inner intention: impact the world directly through action. Attempts to create change in your current layer of reality.
-limited in power
-requires hard work and effort
-intention of the ego or your world self.

Outer intention: allows the world to organize itself according to different conditions. Instead of attempting to create change in your current layer of reality, outer intention shifts your world to a layer where things are different.
-unlimited in power. Can achieve anything and everything.
-works at the spiritual level as opposed to the physical level. More effective and less effort required.
-the natural intention. Outer intention is what higher self intention is.

Some ways to get outer intention to work in your favor
-you have to start believing in it. If you don’t then you’ll never have any conscious influence over it.
-start thinking of the world as magical.
-let go of attachment and aversion. Both block outer intention.
-practice gratitude. By being grateful you consistently shift onto layers of reality where you have more to be grateful for.

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