The Path Of Least Resistance – Keep It Simple

In this video I show you how to get back onto the path of least resistance. This video is part 2 of the 5 video series I am doing answering your guys’ questions. Enjoy:)

Here’s the thing you have to realize, you can believe in manifesting or not, you are still always manifesting.

Manifesting isn’t something that happens years down the line it happens right here and now, moment by moment.

Most people continue to manifest the same life for years and years because they use their attention in the same fixed way every single day.

With the widespread law of attraction teachings it is pretty commonly understand that what you focus on is what will manifest in your life. So I asked people in my Facebook group what is the most difficult part about staying aligned and keep their attention on positive thoughts

Some of the responses were….(Watch video)

All of these have 1 thing in common. They are all caused by lack of conscious awareness or in other words….Untrained attention

Meaning that you are not in control of what thoughts you are choosing to think. Instead you are just being pulled in whatever direction through whatever thoughts you are having.

So after thinking about it for a while I came up with a simples solution to your problem.

  1. Stop making any of this complicated. Stop thinking about making anything happen, stop thinking about manifesting, stop trying to overthink any of this stuff because all of that is taking up a lot of your energy and is getting your mind tangled up in a knot.
  2. From today onwards you just have one simple task. Train your attention. All you have to do is do your best to be conscious of what you’re thinking and deliberately choose the thoughts that feel the best. Not for some manifestation or anything else, just for yourself. Because it sure feels way better to think positive thoughts than negative. And even if your entire faith in thoughts manifesting into your reality goes away, the fact still remains that it FEELS better to think happy thoughts than sad negative thoughts. And you want to feel good right?
  3. Follow the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is the path of the thoughts that feel the best. So whatever situation you are facing right now, choose the best thought you can think about that situation and think that stream of thought. Again you’re just doing this because it feels good. By doing this successfully you stay on the path of least resistance and continue to move towards what you want with effortless ease.

To make this easy, do this exercise: Throughout the day, multiple times, ask yourself. What am I thinking about right now? What could I be thinking about right now? Knowing what I want to manifest, what SHOULD I be thinking about right now?

Really guys don’t make manifestation or living consciously over complicated. If anything living consciously is supposed to be simpler than living unconsciously. Don’t try too hard on trying to manifesting things. The harder you try the more evident it is that you don’t really believe in your own power.

Be easy with it, do your best and just keep your attention on positive thoughts. Attention creates reality. What you focus on is what you will create so if you keep your attention at a positive vibration then you will surely get positive things.

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January 27, 2019

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