How To Stop Negative Thinking – 3 Simple Ways

In this video I show you how to stop thinking negative thoughts and always contemplating worst case scenarios.

How to stop thinking of worst case scenarios

Here’s why you’re having negative thoughts all the time.

1: You just have untrained attention. You lack the ability to direct your attention to where you want it to go.

2: You don’t feel any sort of oneness with your reality. This sense of separateness makes you feel vulnerable and attached. Your reality and you are the same thing. So your reality can only manifest trouble if there’s trouble going on in here.

3: You’re in a habitually low vibration state. It’s difficult to think negative thoughts in a high vibration state. So when you’re thinking of worst case scenarios, stop battling your thoughts just go work on improving your state.

So how to fix this?

  1. Shifting Vibration Exercise:
    -Write down on a piece of paper everything that you don’t want. Then on a new piece of paper, write down what you DO WANT for every item on the previous list.

2: Meditation:
-Trains and improves attention. All meditation practices are really a way to train your attention.
-Enhances your sense of oneness with life.
-Decreases attachment.
-High vibration.

Meditations that I have used throughout my journey till now:

Wellbeing Guided Meditation

Isha Kriya Guided Meditation

The Meditation music I use currently

My morning meditation for the past 2 years

3: 10 Ways To Instantly Raise Your Vibration

Sunny Sharma Personal Mastery Quest

January 27, 2019

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