A Reality Hack To Make Action More Effective & Manifest Desires Faster

In this video I will show you a reality hack to make action more effective & manifest faster. This requires no physical work. It is simple but not easy.

Take whatever action you are taking but your main focus should actually be to raise your level of awareness.

Awareness means having an expanded view of reality. Not just being fixated in your view point. It means being less reactive. It means being more empathetic, seeing things from other people perspective. It means being more aware of where your attention is going

There are levels of energy. The more aware you become the higher your habitual vibration becomes. The more energy your intention gets.

Things that seem impossible to a mind that is residing in a lower energy level will seem commonplace to a mind that resides in a higher state of energy.

Lower state of energy look at things as separate fixed, hostile dangerous

Higher state of energy experience oneness togetherness, effortlessness, and wellbeing.

The higher you raise your awareness and energy, the less action you have to take to get your intended result.

Sunny Sharma Personal Mastery Quest

January 29, 2019

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