What Are Pendulums – Reality Transurfing

In this video I will show you what pendulums are from the Reality Transurfing process. Pendulums play a great role in your ability to consciously create reality so listen closely:)

Basically anything that captures your attention in physical reality is a pendulum. Pendulums grab a hold of your attention and extract your life force. The more attention you give to that thing, the more relevant that thing becomes in reality.

The more attention that is going outside to those pendulums, the more life energy they receive from you and the more they grow. As a result, the less life energy you have left to manifest your desires and pursue your own growth.

If you want to be successful at Reality Transurfing or in life in general, you have to become the controller of your attention. How to do this? Watch the video to find out!

Sunny Sharma

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