Set Your Priorities Straight If You Want to Manifest Anything In Your Life

One of the simplest yet most slept on principles of reality creation. Set your priorities straight if you want to manifest anything. This is SO important and took me a while to realize at a deep level.

That’s really what reality creation is about. You create 24hrs of reality each day. To create an abundant life you don’t create any more than you create right now.

In order to create a better life, you don’t have to create MORE life, you just have to create a DIFFERENT life.

It doesn’t take any more energy or effort to create a beautiful life than it takes to create a miserable one.

Infinity is infinity. It doesn’t differentiate between poor and rich, it’s no harder for it to create riches than poverty.

But it cannot create anything unless there is focused attention on a particular set of priorities.

In order to create a different life, what has to change are your prioritiesAkaWhat you value in lifeAkaWhat takes up most of your attention(life force) on a daily basis.

Sunny Sharma Personal Mastery Quest

February 5, 2019

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